Lessons in Coastal Patrol Training

Coastal patrol is serious business, mainly because it involves both human and a nation’s safety. Therefore, coastal guards need to undergo thorough training regardless of whether they are volunteering or are employed by the government. Several institutions offer the training services, but the courses offered to the coastal guards are uniform across the various schools. Depending on the level a coastal patrol officer wants to achieve, the number of the courses provided differs. Here are the essential lessons for all coastal guards.

Lifesaver Course

The course’s length might differ depending on the school, but the average time for it is around two weeks. In this fortnight, students are taught some combat tactics that could help them save lives and also handle patients with a trauma. Other subjects, such as casualty assessment, first-aid techniques, and personable skills, are also taught. Through the course, students are trained to exercise thoroughly so that they can be strong enough to carry victims in case the need arises. Practical lessons and exams are also put in place to test the understanding of the learners.

Communication Course

In the communication course, students are taught how to use radios and learn the codes used to convey particular information. All aspects of radios, including antenna selection, predicting frequency, maintenance, and channel programming, are taught to them. The course takes an average of eight weeks, and a test is done at the end to investigate the understanding of the communications by students. The necessary computer skills are also taught to students.

Patrol Craft Training

An excellent coastal guard should know a little about different patrol craft. In this course, students are introduced to the various craft used by coastal guards and how they are operated. The common malfunctions of the vehicles are also highlighted, and students are taught the common remedies for the problems. In an average of five weeks, personnel should be able to operate all the equipment.